Glastonbury Festival 2014

The Beat Hotel

Wild times call for wild pleasures, but they also call for sanctuary: for that special place where you know that you'll be certain that all is well. And that's why, in 2011, a team of glorious misfits chose to create a sanctuary-within-a-sanctuary, a special space right in the hectic heart of Glastonbury. Bringing together their world-beating expertise in sustenance, entertainment and comfort, and years of understanding of the esoteric science of “vibe”, they created the special space that is The Beat Hotel, where the clocks stop and the good times roll, and roll, and roll. They made a space to fall in love in, and to fall in love with.

Situated in the bustling market zone between the Pyramid and John Peel stages, The Beat Hotel brought together fine music, the smoking, grilling and BBQing talents of the mighty #Meateasy and unparalleled liquor concoctions.  Everything about the Hotel was engineered with precision slackness: when you stepped through the threshold, everything became five notches more relaxed, anything that seemed important before melted away, and all that mattered was the smell of the food, the heady taste of the cocktails, the welcoming faces of everyone around you and the grooves that wound themselves around you. 

With reggae, soul, yacht rock and Balearica providing a smooth soundtrack to the day and the rhythms slowly picking up to glide through the night with jacking house and airborne cosmic disco, in 2013 The Beat Hotel ups its game further still. Proudly presenting a new in-house food emporium, “The Naked Lunch”, these Beat eats shall be presided over by Chris Gillard, head chef of Michelin-starred St. John Restaurant.  Himself a Glastonbury veteran, expect the food offer to add to the rest of The Beat Hotel’s sensory circus: happily serving hearty portions of good times.

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