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Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thank You Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury is behind us for another year, and what a year it’s been!

Some of the incredible things that happened at The Common almost seem like a dream in hindsight - did our friends at Worthy FM really pose in the nude at Los Artistas Bohemios? Did we really watch the Invisible Circus’ mad Mayan shaman command his demon troup trapezing, contorting and flinging fire around The Temple?

Photo: David Jensen

Did we really spend an afternoon of mad abandon with Bearded Kittens hurling tomatoes?

Photo: Clara Blomqvist

Or indeed spend an evening watching beautiful clouds of dazzling pigments fly through the air while we danced like a swirling dervish of vibrant beats and iridescent colour?

Photo: David Jensen

Well we’ve checked the galleries and yes, we did all of that and more. We’d like to thank all the amazing and dedicated crew for putting the stages together, all the promoters for their amazing line ups and of course our faithful pilgrims for maintaining the magical atmosphere of The Common for the entire weekend.

We can’t wait to see you all next year for even more excitement, adventure and magic at The Common.

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Tuesday, June 25th 2013

The team is bashing together the final pieces of one pretty epic build. Paint brushes are flying, hammers are bashing, ladders are crashing. Awaiting your arrival is an awesome feast for your eyes, ears and mouths, and with only one day to go, it’s all systems go.

So what’s in store for when you arrive? Here’s a quick tour of Project: COMMON.

First up, The Temple. This is the daddy of The Common, and in here it is all about the live acts. This circular structure has been lovingly built out of Lock gates from the Kennet and Avon canal, which look totally awesome.

Photo: Sarah Deane

That’s one of the riggers, selflessly suspended 40 feet off the ground, building the set ready for the Invisible Circus, who will perform on Friday through out the night from 10pm. Other live shows include Rudimental, Jack Master and Bearded Kitten, who are hosting the epic Tomato fight on Sunday night.

Next up is the Rum Shack, and in here it is all about good drinks. This lovechild of The Common was born from the rum meeting the coke nine months back, and together they concocted their dream bar. She’s just turned her lights on for the first time, and is chilling her ice, waiting for your arrival.

Did we mention there’s shed loads of rum?

This place also serves up intimate gigs from artists given free rein to play the music they love, and that’s their only brief. So expect some tunes with passion behind them, and a lot of love in the line-up.

Now for The Cave - the naughty boy in the corner where it is all about the DJ’s. His 6ft wide waterfall hides the mystery of his darkness – venturing inside will reveal a rave of Mayan Apocalypse proportions.

Photo: Andy Hague

The Cave’s nights are hosted by Regge Roast, Origin FM, and Run Tingz Records, so expect a killer line up of DJ’s throughout the weekend. With a cavernous smoking garden to it’s side, The Cave is the kind of place you could easily get lost in.

On to Los Artistas Bohemios, which is where you’ll find a monumental dose of culture. Venture inside for live life drawing where YOU could be the model.

Glasto goers will be encouraged to bare all and sit for an hour while a top notch artist does an oil painting of your finest assets. And the best bit is that you get to keep the finished painting, which is surely something to show the grand kids one day.

Don’t be put off if this is sounding a bit stuffy for your midnight madness – it’s of course set to a back drop of hot models and pumping tunes. Expect some old school hip hop, funky house and even some live drums.

On to the Copper Dollar, in here is all about the interactive experience. This is known as The Back of Beyond, the Dead Carnival of Glastonbury. For one weekend only, the living are allowed to enter and come and join the other side.

Photo: Sarah Deane

 Venture inside if you have even an ounce of intrigue, working your way round the maze of mystery before entering the burial ground of boutique. Here you can join the dead and lie in your own coffin, or immerse yourself in a playground of imagination as the ghosts come out to fool with you.

As for The Lost Picture, which is The Common’s decadent, soft cinema. As you enter you’re overcome with red velvet, covering a bed made of 18 double mattresses. Adorned with cushions and dusky chandelier lighting, this is the haven to escape to when the beats need a break.

Open throughout the night, it’s screening 30 films all with a Central and South American theme. From some hot new Mexican releases, including a couple of UK premiers, to some crowd pleasing favourites, it’s schedule has been curated with care for you to enjoy. Oh, and the mojito’s will give even the Rum Shack a run for it’s money.

Round off your visit with a feast at La Choza, where it is all about the food. Mexican Street Food to be precise. Here they serve up meats of beef brisket, pork shoulder, chorizo and chicken, all of which have been slow roasted in a wood and charcoal fired oven ten feet away.

The Common is bound to wear you out, so come load up a taco with home made slasa’s, guacamole and slow roasted vegetables to refuel, recharge, and get you back out and on your way.

Photo: Sarah Deane

That is one heck of a to do list, but luckily most of it is done. The Common is bought to you by a loving crew fuelled by sugar, tea, and filled with flaming passion.

Pilgrims: We await your arrival with excited anticipation.

Monday, June 24th 2013


Step into the mystical worlds of Latin America and much more this year as The Common re-discovers lost civilisations, euphoric tribal dances, bohemian art and quality rum.

The latest large-scale venue, The Cave, will be inviting you to lose yourself in the dark rituals of drum & bass, acid house and bass-pumping reggae whilst The Temple dares to break the codes, unlock secrets and create a mass awakening with awesome line ups from the infamous Newham Generals to the mayhem of a Bearded Kitten extravaganza.

Also at The Temple, the masters of immersive theatrics - The Invisible Circus, are inviting you into a jungle underworld where the ancient Nam Shub of Melnki still burns in the memory. A Shaman and his voodoo warriors perform rituals to summon the fiery chariots of the Gods and ignite the party.

Photo: Clara Blomqvist

Elsewhere there is ‘Back of Beyond’, a feast of visuals and sounds brought to you by the ghostly Carny folk of Copperdollar, and the festival life drawing class at Los Artistas Bohemios. Strike a pose or pick up some charcoal and use the chance to be the creative, instead of just watching others. 

When it’s time to go down a gear, pass by the Rum Shack for a grown up drink and a chance to nurse your broken dreams with a melodic mix of blues, soul and reggae. Expect the random as main stage artists pass through this popular desert outpost. Otherwise there’s the glittering grandeur of the Lost Picture Show. Relax in velvet seating with your Mojitos and take in the best of Latin American cinema. 

The Common is your chance to unpick the conspiracies of ancient worlds, connect to your tribe and throw your head back for a sensual, theatrical and joyful experience. All outsiders welcome.

Tuesday, June 18th 2013


If there's one thing that us Mayans are good at, it's a countdown - and this year we're dedicating our epic calendar skills to revealing the brand new set up here at The Common. So live dangerously, adventurous and discover us on Facebook and Twitter - we're counting down with live picture updates revealing untold secrets, epic new locations, delicious designs and all the weather details from here at glorious Glasto.

Don't miss all the latest info about our Tomatina Fights, The Invisible Circus, pagan paint fights and other mayan debauchery - this is the real Glasto you'll remember forever... maybe.

So watch The Common develop right before your eyes and follow us on Facebook and Twitter and right here on the blog. Now, we're off to The Temple to party like it's the Apocalypse, join us!
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