Glastonbury Festival 2014

Worthwhile Causes

We all worked together!

Each year Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid come together to promote their common goal to make this world a safer, fairer, more sustainable place to live. But we could not do this without you. Your support has proved invaluable and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us at the festival this year and in the past.

Thousands of you dropped in at our Meeting Point, opposite William’s Green, left messages and signed up to our campaigns. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with you all and to say thank you in person for your support.


WaterAid’s crack team of volunteers were in action across the whole festival, providing you all with clean water, cleaner toilets and handy little she-pees while reminding you that one in ten people in the world still have no access to clean water and 2.5 billion have nowhere safe to go to the toilet.  
We also launched our ‘Pump up the Volume’ campaign and were blown away by the amount of love we received for it - an incredible 35,000 of you gave your support by signing the petition (some of you even dressed up as a giant poo for the cause) and WaterAid can’t THANK YOU enough!

Since the festival we have been working hard on the campaign, and in September we took your voices to the UN General Assembly in New York where we told world leaders that you want to live in a world where Everyone, everywhere has clean water to drink and safe place to go to the toilet.

We are so proud of everything we achieved together in 2013 and can’t wait to see you back at the farm next year. In the meantime, you can keep in touch by finding us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or visiting  

If you spotted a giant Polar bear at the Meeting Point you would have been right in thinking that this had something to do with the Greenpeace field located at the entrance to the Greenfields. In 2013 Greenpeace launched a global campaign to save the Arctic from exploitation.

The Arctic is melting at a record level and companies like Shell and other oil companies want to exploit it for oil. Greenpeace want the Arctic to be declared a global sanctuary and by the sound of it Glastonbury festival-goers agree!!

Over the course of the festival, over 4,000 people signed up to the Save the Arctic campaign – joining 4 million from around the world.

A highlight of the Greenpeace field was undoubtedly the Arctic dome, voted by Time Out as the second best non-musical thing to do at the festival and previewed by the NME. It offered people the opportunity to disappear through a crack in the ice and take a magical 15-minute trip to the North Pole, where ice towered and the Northern lights danced.

Over 450 Greenpeace volunteers and representatives come to work at Glastonbury every year – carpenters, builders, painters and decorators, campaigners and stewards. They are part of the magic, they create the magic and you can be a part of that too… we are looking forward to 2014 already.

The Arctic needs people like you to protect it. Join the movement at or you can tweet us @GreenpeaceUK


Oxfam were back at Glastonbury Festival this summer with a team of festival campaigners. 

This year we concentrated all our efforts on the on-going conflict in Syria, which has resulted in a dramatically deteriorating humanitarian emergency. Nearly 7 million people are already in need of urgent assistance inside Syria. Many are facing ongoing violence with shortages of food, water and electricity and there are serious blockages that prevent them accessing aid. Another 2 million refugees have fled across the borders into neighbouring countries. Oxfam are working to support refugees in neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan, but there is insufficient aid for all those in desperate need – and numbers are still increasing.

Nearly 10,000 people signed Oxfam’s Love Syria petition at Glastonbury 2013, Calling for more aid for Syrians in need and progress on a peaceful solution to the crisis. This is a huge contribution towards the 48,000+ signatures we have gathered since launching the campaign.

Crucially, you have also helped Oxfam secure a meeting with Foreign Office Minister Hugh Robertson in October, where we will share your support, and outline the role that Oxfam wants to see the UK play in making the Syria peace conference a success.

Thank you for your help - we hope you continue to support our campaign.

To donate £5 to Oxfam’s Syria appeal text LOVE to 70066*

Messages will be charged at £5, plus one message at your standard message rate. This number is for use within the UK only. By texting you consent to future telephone contact by Oxfam. If you do not wish to be contacted please send NOINFO to 70066

And last but by no means least a huge thank you to Michael for his generous financial support and for giving us access to the greatest show on earth.