Beat Hotel 2019

Buckle up, eyes wide, you’ve landed in a fresh city, kiddo. Big as Gateshead, bigger than Milton Keynes, just made this week, built from scaffolding, mud and liquor. Now look up. See that motel sign? Beat Hotel is your Glastonbury ground-zero hero. It’s the meet-up, the end-up, the landmark among the madness. On that big corner within slippin’ distance of the Pyramid, serving eye smiles, leisure liquids and free comfort, no questions asked. Beat Hotel is where DJs stop working and come to play. Check in, find your groove, and let us roll out the orange carpet.

This Summer, we’re running hot because it’s our lasto Glasto’. And that means out with a BANG. Don’t sleep! Old hands know the plan: we’ll hit the ground with a wild Wednesday while the rest of the site is still blinking, then glide into a schedule filled with new friends, rising stars and Beat lifers. Look out for Jon Hopkins, Avalon Emerson, HAAi, Perel and DJ Seinfeld making their debuts. Familiar faces back for our final chapter include Bicep, Palms Trax, Greg Wilson, Job Jobse. And mark your card for a fiery finale as regulars Seth Troxler, DJ Tennis, Moscoman and Daniel Avery close out proceedings. Be there or have a damn good alibi. The Hotel is checking out and moving on.
One last time then, compadres..

Frank B

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