Black Lamp Cinema

Alongside the nocturnal Cineramageddon arena, the Black Lamp Cinema – a 500 capacity daytime tent – will screen a provocative selection of films throughout the day, often followed by talks and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and cast.

Kicking off daily with our leisurely ‘Breakfast with Bresson’ film at noon, our documentary and activist slot will screen challenging new films such as Queerama with director Daisy Asquith and the critically acclaimed I am Not Your Negro

Then in keeping with the whole Glastonbury vibe, a dedicated music documentary matinee performance will include Francis Whatley’s two great David Bowie films, and Keith Richards – The Origin Of The Species.

Finally, before the big evening music shows kick in, the Black Lamp will invite you to enjoy some of the latest, coolest independent feature films on the block – amongst this year’s selection, The Handmaiden and the new, must see British comedy Brakes, with its great British cast.


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