Main arena

Cineramageddon will be launched by Julien Temple, Michael Eavis and Joe Rush at 9.30pm on Wednesday 21st June, with a screening of Temple’s film ‘Glastonbury’, re-cut for 2017.

“Glastonbury is the only place in rain soaked Brexit Britain where an outdoor post apocalyptic drive – in cinema can possibly work. ” Julien Temple

From Thursday onwards, Cineramageddon will screen three films a night, from dusk to dawn, until it is the last entertainment in the festival as the sun rises on Monday 26th.

The 2,000 capacity Cineramageddon arena designed by artist Joe Rush, features fifty mutated cars, upcycled fun fair rides and a Lear Jet.

Advance booking of the cars, or early arrival to secure a set of headphones, is advised to ensure you will be part this thrilling cinematic history.

The box office will be open from Monday, June 12th at

Cinerama New Arena

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