Shangri-La is an enormous collaboration with cutting edge visual artists from around the world, creating site specific works that amplify our themes and contribute to the ongoing narrative in unique and diverse ways.

Memory Tree, from Echoic Audio is an audio installation that explores what it means to be human in 2019 broadcasting an engaging sonic documentary of thoughts, memories and impressions of our current times, whilst French artist Elparo will create a structure housed in Shangri-La’s forest area reminding us of the power of repurposing materials and the necessity of reforestation.

Dan Rawlings’ sculpture nature delivers is a manipulation of metal and light based on the wreckage of a ford transit van and the huge ‘mighty oak’, and Overgrow The System, a living sculpture representing the lungs of our planet created from repurposed machinery representing the polluting industries that are destroying it.

Talented Painter Beth Marsden will be collaborating with her three young children to create a bespoke piece exploring their environment, their landscape, their future and their politics , using mixed media to create an entirely new view of the world.

Artists in residence will also be screenprinting limited edition artworks, special giveaways and random acts of kindness will be dished out, and new run of 10 ShangrilART prints that have been created in celebration of 10 years of Shangri-La will be available to lucky glasto-goers exclusively!

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