SHED is a new and all inclusive micro venue dedicated to intersectional positive masculinity, visitors will shed the old notions, stereotypes and the restraints of masculinity at the door, and enter into a space free of toxicity and worldly pressures. Shed offers the freedom to explore the fluid spectrum of new masculine expression, and will be a place where connections are made, opinions are embraced and ideas are transformed. The venue’s artwork is being created by British painter and conceptual artist Adam Neate.

Supported by Calm x Crack, Book Of Man, Lyrix Organix, the space will be jammed with an eclectic line-up of speakers, poets, musicians and artists, redefining what masculinity means in 2019 through panel discussions, open mic sessions, spoken word and workshops. Speakers include Professor Green, Michael Venom Page (UFC), Ben Moore (Missing People) and INJA.

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