The Temple

The Temple is at the apex of The Common. The divine place to sacrifice the ego, put our hands in the air and get lifted by the higher power of the rave. It is here the biggest names in dance crack the codes and spirit the Gods back to us.

Full Line Up coming soon!


Rum Shack

At the Rum Shack is SE Corner’s favourite house party – you never know what might happen, but you won’t want to leave. Rum Shack has become THE spot for legendary surprise performances before they blow up (remember Akala, Kae Tempest and Kojey Radical?). Our house is your house.

Full Line Up coming soon!


TOTEM – Glastonbury’s newest venue in the late night area. 

At the place where The Cave once stood, an evolution has taken place. From deep sources underground, ancient rivers and hidden streams have sprung forth with new life, a new and sparkling jewel has emerged!  WATCH THIS SPACE, A BRAND NEW VENUE COMING TO GLASTONBURY THE COMMON

Mez Yard

There is no other place to come for the highest quality MEZCAL than the cherished Mez Yard. Intimate and vibing with music and always good times. This year, the renowned Copperdollar, conduct a special ceremony to the spirit of agave, the succulent at the heart of this drink that is steeped in the history of the Aztecs.

Full Line Up Coming Soon…

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