Greencrafts Village 2019

Ever wanted to make your own silver ring? Poke hot fire with a blacksmith? Mess with clay or learn to axe wood? Then visit the Greencrafts Village – located one field down from the Stone Circle – where you can choose from literally hundreds of activities and make beautiful things to take home.

Open 10am – 6pm Wednesday to Sunday
With free ‘Happy-Hour’ workshops 10am – 11am
“Everyone’s so lovely and helpful and I couldn’t believe what I made.”

Greencrafts Village will once again be hosting some of Europe’s leading eco craftspeople who’ll be running workshops and sharing their skills. Drop by, try something new and make beautiful things to take home. All materials used are natural, sustainable and eco friendly. The area’s entirely off-grid and showcases how we can live, work and play together sustainably on our beautiful planet.

There are masses of materials to choose from, loads of traditional tools and beautiful covered spaces you can work in, like timber wagons, woodsman’s shelters, rustic yurts and geo-domes. Come and learn a new craft like wood work or weaving, take in survival skills or make a beautiful souvenir or gift to take home. Or just come and hang out, and enjoy the energising buzz.

“The jewellery you can make is amazing and my girlfriend even had a go at stone-carving.”

Some activities take less than an hour, others longer, but it’s up to you how long you spend. Nearly all workshops are ‘drop-in’ so you don’t need to book in advance, simply stroll up to the field, take a look around and arrange an activity direct with one of the craft groups. A small charge is made for materials for things you make to take home but most sessions are free.

“The view’s amazing and the crafts re-energise your soul and mind.”

Please read on for our full list of 2019 workshops:

Free Happy Hour: 10am – 11am, Wed to Sun (everything’s free to do)
Free Have-a-Go: all day, every day
£2 workshops: offered by all crafts groups

Wood Work

Woodcarving tuition. Robin Wood Free
Carve a wooden plate or bowl. Green Device Donations
Carved coasters £2, Carved leaf, emoji & totums £8+ Mark Flannery Woodcarver

Pole lathe magic wand £2, Rounders bat, garden dibber, swords & more £15+ Green Woodwork Ireland

Peddle lathe wands £2, mushrooms & bigger wands £10+ North Wind Blows
Hazel flowers £2, Twisty hazel walking staff £15+ Rustic Carpentry
Hazel flowers, 3 legged stool, walking staff £5+ Funky Furniture & Woodcraft

Branding iron key ring £2, Door sign, book mark & tree pendants £5+ The Brand Stand
Greenwood sword, wand, staff & pipes £12+ Spinney Hollow (see Willow for £2)
Wooden spoon blanks using an axe £2, Spoon carving £20 Waynes Woods

Skincare products

Natural hand sanitizer, perfumes, bath bombs, £4+ Sugar Scrub £2 Faith and Betty
Natural epsom salts £2, Bath bombs & natural soaps £5+ Wild Atlantic Soaps
Natural soap on a rope £2, Blocks of unscented soaps £8+ Compass Rose Soaps
Bath bombs £2, Creams, balms, oils & soap £7+ Angel Gardens

Jewellery Making

Bronze Age metal wire spiral pin £2+ Seodra Sióga

Woven thread bracelets Glen More Crafts Free
Rubber up-cycled pendants & feathers, metal heart pendants £2 Masquetherage
Stamped pendants & beeds £2, Fused aluminum & copper bracelets £5+ Al Fresco Forge
Copper pendants, key-rings & badges £2, Bangles £4+ Exmore Jewellery Workshop
Stamped pewter key-rings & pendants £2, Rings & bracelets £5 Ground Zero
Wooden pendants £2, Rings (7 different wood varieties) £5 Indie-Pendants

Wooden pendants with hot poker £2 Colbalt Blacksmiths

Button jewellery £2 Camp Bunting

Pom pom earings £2 Life’s A Stitch

Crochet wristbands £2 Wandering Yarns
Macramé knot-work bracelet £2 MacrAmy
Chain-mail bracelets £10, Lucet bracelet, tiles & laces £2 Past Crafts
Vintage cutlery jewellery £10 Forking Marvellous

Antler shaping £2, Antler rings £5+ Guerrila Archaeology
Willow & raffia rings £2, Ankle bracelet, ear-rings & garlands £5+ Tangles Trinkets
Aluminium pendant £2, Silver rings & pendants £15+ The Jewellery Workshop
Copper dog-tag key rings £2, Silver charm pendants, rings & bangles £25+ Lost Treasure Silver Workshop
Copper/penny stamping pendant £2, cast silver pendant £35 Cuttlefish Casting Silver


Pottery wheel, Coil & pinch pots. Raku glazing & kiln firing £5+ Raku-U-Like
Sgraffito clay tiles £2, Bells, beaker & mugs £10+ Mud Mugs & Bells
Light pull £2, Tealight holder, bowl, pinch pots £8+ Raku kiln Muddy Fingers Pottery
Pottery wheel £2, 1:1 pottery lesson £20 Pottery Workshop


Cordage & string making £2, Fire by friction, fire steels & plant lore £5+ Wildwood Bushcraft


Wool dredlocks with costume jewellery £2 Broomy Hill Enchanted Garden Nursery
Pom pom headbands £5 Life’s A Stitch

Fresh flower corsage, hair flower & button-holes £2, headbands & circlets £5+ Orchis
Flower broach, lapel pin £2, Willow flower garland £7.50 RingA RingO Roses
Hedgerow head-dresses £8+ Spinney Hollow

Sewn flower petal headpiece £15+ Hapitat (see Textiles for £2)


Learn stone carving, letter cutting £2 Tom Clarke
Chalk carving, relief / 3D Tim & Sue Royan Donation
Stonecarving Rockworx Free
Stonecarving Southern Stone Free


Sewn fabric hair flower £2, Flower petal corsage & fascinators £5+ Hapitat
Wool fairy £2, Spinning wool, crochet, needle felt mushrooms £5 Seodra Sióga

Felt beads £2, Felted ears, horns, mushrooms & broaches £5+ Stab the Fluff
Sewn fabric pouch £2, Bags & ruc-sacs £5+ Treadle Treats
Plant dyes using avocado & onion onto calico £2, Neckerchiefs £5 The Dyery Society
Linen ink block printed patch £2, Scarves & bandanas £15 The Shape of Clay
Hand-crank sewing machine 2m fabric bunting £8 Camp Bunting
Crochet squares & flowers £2 Wandering Yarns
Pom pom purses £7 Life’s A Stitch

Embroider a badge £2, or a pair of pants £7.50 Needlepoint of Resistance
Organic cotton macramé plant hanger, place mats & wall hangings £10+ MacrAmys (see Jewellery for £2)

Building & Wagons

Roundwood timber framing workshop & low impact building advise Tŷ Pren Free
Iron wheel-banding demonstration for traditional wagons RJ Jones Wheelwright Free
Re-cycled aluminum drink can shingle roofing for timber wagons Armadillo Free

Willow Crafts

Hedgerow/willow stars & hearts £2 Spinney Hollow

Plant fibre & bark bracelet £2, Willow bowls, baskets & bird feeders £5+ Rough Around the Hedges
Woven willow baskets – all types £5+ Eddie Glew
Bird feeder £2, Willow spider, bee, mayfly & large dragonflies £10+ Juliet Hamilton Designs
Willow fish & stars £2, Hearts, dragonflies, baskets & bowls £15+ Wyldwood Willow
Forged steel hook, toasting fork, rake & pokers Kate the Blacksmith Free/barter
Copper spoons £2 to £20+ Woodland Witches Copper

Copper & brass spoons, letter stamping £15 Masquetherage (see Jewellery for £2)
Forged steel pokers & leaf pendants £15+ Colbalt Blacksmiths (see Jewellery for £2)
Hot steel blacksmith forged pokers, amulets & jewellery £10+ 9 Ironscraft

Glass Work

Stained glass with lead-work Sophie

Hot glass drink stirrer £2, Hot glass spoon pipes £35 Incendium Glassworks

Leather Craft

Leather pouch & belts £10+
 Past Crafts
Leather bookmark £2, Leather pouch & bags £10+ Black Kat Rainbow Leathercraft


Shamanic rattles & drum beater £2, Shamanic deer skin hoop drum & beater £50 Running Horse Shamanic Drums

Bicycle Building & Repairs

Puncture repairs, wheel & tyre changing, 1:1 tuition Millypeds Free (pay for new parts)


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