Accessible Campsite

This information will be updated for the 2025 Festival in the Autumn.

The Accessible Campsite is in Spring Ground which is on the west side of the festival site next to the Woodsies Tent (formally John Peel tent).

It is a calm, friendly space stewarded 24/7 throughout the festival. You will find the following facilities within this campsite.

  • Wheelchair accessible and standard unisex toilets
  • Wheelchair adapted showers for use by our access customers only. PA’s and other members of your group will not be able to use these showers. The showers are prioritised to those with the Access Wristbands who require them for medical/ health reasons.
  • Charging facilities for wheelchairs and medical equipment
  • Changing Places unit featuring a changing bed, toilet, sink and hoist. Please note that hoist slings will not be available. If you wish to use this unit please bring your own slings.
  • Accessible sinks and freshwater points
  • Fridge for secure medication storage
  • Hot water for cooking and drinks
  • Waste disposal point
  • Rubbish points, including separate medical waste and separate sharps bins.
  • Campsite HQ
  • Communal campfire

The Campsite Hub is also based in the accessible campsite and is a space for customers to take some time out when needed and shelter from the sun or rain. A support desk provides advice and information to access customers. A team of volunteer practitioners also offer free daily taster treatments such as massage, reflexology and reiki which you can book to fit in with your Festival schedule.

If an electric power supply is required for a medical device, you must request this in the Access Application Form and provide documentation that confirms why this is Essential.

Group & Tent Size In The Accessible Campsite

  • Due to limited space and the demand on the facilities in the campsite, access customers staying in the accessible campsite can have a maximum of 3 other people stay with them. This number includes PA’s and children 13 years and over. Children 12 and under are not included in this number but are of course welcome to stay with you in this field.
  • If you want to camp in a larger group, you can do this in one of the public fields near to the accessible campsite and still be given access to the facilities within this field if required.
  • We appreciate some customers might need to use a larger tent for access reasons but friends/ family staying with you cannot bring oversized tents. If this happens there is the danger, we will run out of space in the campsite. We ask that a group of 4 brings a maximum of 2 tents.
  • Please note gazebos are not allowed in the accessible campsite. If they are put up, they will be removed.

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