• There will be viewing platforms at all the main stages. These raised platforms are solely for festival goers that need to be seated to be able to watch the performances, plus one accompanying person.
  • Festival goers that require access to these platforms will need to apply for a Viewing Platform (VP) pass.  This can be requested through this application form.
  • The viewing platforms get very busy so can be overwhelming for customers who find crowded spaces difficult.
  • Festival goers using electric scooters will be asked to park these at the bottom of the ramps in a designated space so that more space is available on the viewing platforms.
  • Chairs are not provided on any of the platforms., however access customers and 1 accompanying person can bring their own chairs to use on these.
  • Every viewing platform has a team of Access Stewards checking wristbands and ensuring customers are using the space safely. Viewing Platform are run on a first come first serve basis, once these are at capacity stewards will close the platform and revert to a one off/ one on system.
  • Wheelchair charging points will be available on some of the viewing platforms.
  • Wheelchair accessible & standard toilets will be available at all viewing platforms.
  • Smoking is not permitted on any of the viewing platforms.
  • Anyone found to be misusing the viewing platforms or behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the platform. If necessary, VP and PA passes will also be removed from offending customers.
  • At some stages/ tents there will also be ground level designated viewing areas.
  • Information on the location of all viewing platforms and viewing areas will be made available closer to the Festival.


There are both wheelchair accessible and standard toilets that are locked throughout the festival site so that only registered access customers can use them. Customers who require quick access to toilets due to having conditions such as IBS or IBD can apply to have access to these toilets.

Applications for access to these locked toilets must be submitted by the 30th April 2024.

Please note the access toilets are not flushing toilets and are not all located by hand washing stations. There will however always be the option of hand sanitizer in these toilets.


There is a Changing Places toilet located in the Accessible Campsite. This high dependency toilet unit contains an electric raised bed with a hoist above. Please note that hoist slings will not be available so should be brought by customers.

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