Car parks will open at 9pm on the Tuesday before Glastonbury 2023, allowing Festival-goers to arrive throughout the night, when traffic volumes are low.

There will, however, be no entertainment or facilities in the car parks and Festival-goers will be expected to remain in their cars until the Festival gates open at 8am on Wednesday morning. Most people choose to eat locally or en route and then arrive in the early hours.

Sorry, but no camping will be allowed in the car parks. Please note, all public transport arrangements will stay as per previous years – ie there will be no facilities at Castle Cary railway station for early arrivals. Public transport facilities will only begin on Wednesday morning.

As in previous years, there will be no amplified entertainment on the Wednesday, with the main music stages not kicking off until Friday.

Please have your parking ticket clearly on display once you are within ten miles of the festival to make sure you are directed to the correct car parks. You will also need to have your Festival ticket to hand.

Do not give your Festival ticket to anyone until you go through the turnstiles. Once past security you will be given back your ticket which you will need for re-entry, along with the festival wristband you’ll be given at the entrance, if you leave the site or go to the car parks.

If you exit the site during the weekend, you will be given a Pass Out Voucher – hang onto this! It is very important as you need it in order to get back in. Do not give it to anyone else! Security staff may ask to see your ticket during the event too – so keep it secure! In past years, some ticket buyers had their tickets stolen some distance from the Festival when they stopped at service stations. Your ticket is precious – do not flash it around.

From 8am on Wednesday pedestrian gates operate 24 hours a day until the end of the Festival. If you have any problems with your ticket, or getting on site, there are enquiry cabins at each pedestrian gate (with the exception of Pedestrian Gate B), and an enquiry cabin is also sited in the caravan/campervan field.

Leave Pets at Home

Please don’t bring your pets to Glastonbury. No animals are allowed onto the Festival site; it wouldn’t be much fun for them anyway. People and vehicles entering the site are searched, and any animals found are impounded and housed off-site at the owners’ expense. The ban on animals is a condition of the Festival Licence; it arose due to the health risks observed in early Festivals, when large packs of dogs gathered.

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