Rabbit Hole line-up announced

June 3, 2009

Presenting its trademark brand of organised chaos, The Rabbit Hole is back to amaze, confuse, appall and astound. With open-mic mayhem, top notch headliners and a wonderland party atmosphere, the Rabbit Hole is a Festival legend offering mind-bending possibilities.

Visited by the adventurous and run by lunatics, it falls somewhere between Monty Python, the X Factor and a badly out of control genetic experiment. The Rabbit Hole is here to remind you of your own creativity and encourages you to get involved.

So head to The Park, follow Alice and dive deep into the White Rabbit’s warren of bunny girls, hatters, tea, tarts & potions. Lose yourself in the absurdity of a world where anything can happen and frequently does.

Secret Open Mic…til 6am
The Mike Strutter Band  
Open Mic
Jamie Burke
Open Mic
The Rusticles
Bryony Fry
Aimee Bea Ballinger
Open Mic
Hamish Guerrini and Brothers

Secret Open Mic…til 6am
The Clever Bar-Stewards
The Lancashire Hot-Pots
Madelaine Hart
Kev Christmas
Open Mic
Wandering Word Extravaganza & Friends
Open Mic
The Hocky-Smiths
Egstremely Special Supergroup (gleaned from all over site) til 6am
The Mad Cows
Open Mic
Cromwell’s League
The Bad Hatters and Scantily Clad
Jesca Hoop
Tom Hickcox
Perhaps Contraption
Open Mic
White Rabbit’s Records
Open Mic

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