A well-travelled bag

June 3, 2009

Here’s a nice message/picture which we received from Glasto regulars Justine Rose & Chris Cheyette:

Hello. We thought you would be interested to know the fame far and wide the humble Glastonbury Bag has achieved. On our recent holiday to Peru I took a couple of my trusty Glastonbury bags to use for purchases, dirty washing etc and ended up taking one on the Lares Trek to Machu Piccu. I used it to carry the bread we had bought for the children we met along the way (they don’t get bread very often). Our guide was very impressed with the bag and asked where we had got it. I explained all about the Glastonbury festival and what happens there. Our guide said "so people in England know about Global Warming?" He was so pleased when I explained what some people are trying to do. We saw first hand how global warming is affecting the Andes in creating less snow and therefore less water in an area already dry for much of the year, they are very much on the front line and not able to survive the consequences.  At the end of the trek we gave him the bag to keep and he said he would use it to pick up any litter he came across on the trail in the future.

The reusable bags will, once again, be given out with your free programme this year. Here’s hoping you can put them to similarly good use! (Incidentally, the bags are made by The Clever Baggers, who sell plain and printed bags via their website.)


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