Attitude is Everything delivers Disability Equality Training to Glastonbury staff

January 29, 2015


Attitude is Everything visited Pilton village hall the other day to deliver a 3-hour disability equality training session to representatives from various areas of the Festival including Ticketing, Markets, Stewarding, Kidz, Cinema, Theatre and Circus, Arcadia, Green Fields and Green Kids alongside Site and Stage Managers.

The charity is funded to assist in making live music and outdoor arts accessible to Deaf and disabled people, and has worked closely with Glastonbury Festival for the past 7 years, assisting the Festival to continually push the boundaries when it comes to being as inclusive as possible.  This close working relationship led to the festival being awarded the Gold level of Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice at the beginning of 2014.

A key theme that emerged was the role every area plays in assisting the Festival to be accessible.  The Festival along with Attitude is Everything is excited at the prospect of further joint work with individual area organisers to make things even more inclusive for 2015.

Before the session, Emily stopped by to say hello to attendees and Attitude is Everything staff Gideon Feldman and Jacob Adams, and to pledge support for the charity’s #MusicWithoutBarriers campaign alongside Glastonbury Access Officer Claire Elsam.

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