Avon & Somerset police at Glastonbury

June 23, 2019

The Festival’s local police force, Avon & Somerset Police, will once again be at this year’s Festival, helping us to ensure that it’s a safe event for everyone.

You can read lots of useful advice and information from them over on the newly-updated Police pages of this website now. And check out their safety tips below.

· Be patient with security checks and help the staff to help you. We know it is inconvenient but they are there to keep you safe.
· Only bring what you need. A suggested packing list can be found here along with a list of prohibited items. Packing light will also help to speed up searches and your entry to the event.
· If you spot someone acting suspiciously, report it to the police immediately by phoning 101, online or by speaking to a police officer or a member of security staff: don’t leave it to someone else. Remember you can visit the multi-agency compound to the north of the site (look on your programme map) to make a report if you can’t find an officer or don’t have access to a phone/ the internet.
· In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from staff – especially those with radios who can raise the alarm quickly.
· Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how plausible their story.
· If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements. Festival organisers have emergency plans to help you keep safe.
· Remember, the chance of being caught in a terrorism incident is small. There is no specific intelligence to indicate an increased threat to any event in the South West, including Glastonbury Festival, but if it happens follow the Run, Hide, Tell advice.

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