Emily Eavis: "It really was a special year for us"

June 30, 2014

emilyThe Rainbow Warrior model ship in the Greenpeace field

With Glastonbury over for another year, we headed to the farmhouse on Monday afternoon for a quick post-Festival catch-up with organiser Emily Eavis.

Hi Emily, how are you?
I’m really good, thanks. We’re all feeling exhausted, but elated about how it went. It really was a special year for us. We had it all – from lightning to blazing heat. But everyone pulled together and I think that spirit is what helped to make it the best one yet.

You really think so?
I certainly can’t remember a better one. We had so many amazing musical moments. But music aside, the visual art and installations were by far the best we’ve ever had. After hours, the site just exploded with fire, metal and energy. Someone described it as Narnia, which is brilliant. I think people really noticed all the detail of what we do this year: from the political banners by the John Peel Stage to the flags and fence coverings all over site, which were painted with environmental messages by local primary school children. All of these small things add so much, and really make Glastonbury feel different to any other event.

Did the performers seem to enjoy it?
Yes, there seemed to be a real level of appreciation and excitement from the acts this year. More than ever, in fact. It’s always great to see bands come and stay for the whole weekend, which most of them did. Lars from Metallica, for example, was out roaming the site on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights until dawn! He really got what it’s all about.

Dolly Parton was a big moment.
Oh Dolly was the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen here. She is just a truly amazing live performer. Her voice was incredible. And she wrote that song about mud in the morning before the show! I don’t think you can beat that performance as a perfect moment here at Glastonbury.

Did your dad have a good Festival?
Yes, definitely. He got back at 4am last night! I think he got caught up in a singalong in the Underground Piano Bar, or something. But I think he’s thrilled with how this year went. He still absolutely loves it.

Are you already starting to look forward to 2015?
Yes, Nick [Emily’s husband] and I are already pretty far along with next year’s line-up. And, believe it or not, we’ve nearly confirmed all three headliners. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s shaping up.

And are you excited about the Festival’s future?
Oh goodness, yes. We’ve got an incredible wave of young people who are now heavily involved with this festival, along with all our fantastic long-term team. It’s an amazing position to be working alongside so many great creative minds, spending an entire year planning these hugely ambitious shows that exist for one weekend! So, yes, I’m very excited about the future. And not just for next year, but for many, many years to come.

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