New Area for 2019 Glastonbury-on-Sea

June 21, 2019

Nothing sums up the quintessential British seaside holiday destination like the resort’s pier. Joe Rush’s brand new area for 2019 is centred around a 70m repurposed steel pleasure pier and features everything a good pier should. From its enticing entrance to the end-of-the-pier Robot Pavilion, with arcades, attractions and sideshows along the way.

Harking back to the seaside holiday glory days between the 50’s-70’s, the Pier at Glastonbury-on-Sea will reach out from the seafront entertainments, across the beach of deckchairs, past the lifeguards and Punch & Judy theatres and far, far out into the grassy sea.

Candy floss and dodgems, fortune-tellers and buskers, mods and rockers all come together for a trip down the pleasure Pier. Stroll along, see the sights, play the attractions and let our team of Redcoats show you a wondrous, magical world and a thoroughly entertaining time.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

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