Oxfam back at Glastonbury 2019 with shops and stewards!

June 9, 2019

Oxfam is making second-hand fashion a Worthy Cause at Glastonbury Festival 2019. It’s a solution to the damage fast fashion is doing to our planet and its people.

Fast fashion is clogging up landfill. A monstrous 11 million items of clothing end up in UK tips each week.

Oxfam, one of Glastonbury’s three charity partners, is helping to turn this terrible trend around.

At this year’s Festival, Oxfam is launching its Second Hand September campaign, asking you to pledge to say NO to new clothes this September – and YES to saving the planet and beating poverty by buying second-hand for a whole month!

Oxfam shops on the high street and online save around 47 million items of clothing from going to landfill every year. By buying second hand you can give clothes a second chance – increase their lifespan while protecting our planet.

And Oxfam fashion fights poverty – it raises money so the world’s poorest people have the basics in life, like clean safe water, sanitation and shelter in emergencies, education, and the means to grow food. Oxfam fashion fights the injustices that keep people poor.

So festival-goers, join Oxfam’s Second Hand September #SECONDHANDSEPTEMBER and pledge not to buy new clothes for one whole month.

There’s a whole heap of stuff happening across the Festival for you to get involved and make a difference…

Discover the wonderful world of Oxfam’s second-hand fashion at three Festival shops:

  • The Treasure Trove (near the Tony Benn Tower) with its sparkle, sequins, drag and glam.
  • The Glade will its raving rainforest, think Amazon jungle splashed with flashes of neon.
  • The Park Shop for fabulous boutique items.

Dip into the World-changing Room (by The Park Shop) where an enormous Oxfam water tank has been transformed into a spectacular second-hand fashion experience. Select clothes to be made super-special with silk screen printing designed by artist Antony Burrill. See how Oxfam fashion changes the lives of the world’s poorest people for good.

Hang out by Oxfam’s giant washing line. It’s strung up around the site and tells the story of fast fashion and how your actions can change the world.

Relax on our big people seats beneath umbrellas that have been recycled from old tents to keep you cool and dry whatever the weather.

Wear a unique recycled wristband. To thank you for kicking your new-clothes habit for a month, and signing up to Second Hand September, Oxfam volunteers will be handing out unique recycled wristbands. Just look out for the folk holding flags and get your picture taken with Oxfam’s caped crusaders. (All made from reused and recycled material, of course…).

They won’t be the only friendly faces you see from Oxfam – there will be over 2,300 amazing stewards too, on hand throughout the festival to help you.

Make change happen. Oxfam and Glastonbury have been working together for more than 25 years to make world-changing things happen – from stopping the sales of arms to funding better healthcare for mums. Now we can turn the tide of fast fashion together.

It’s time to rewear, reuse and recycle. Say NO to new clothes for a month, and YES to less. Less waste, less landfill – and less poverty. Take the pledge #SECONDHANDSEPTEMBER

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