Peace, Hope & Unity at Glastonbury 2024

June 25, 2024

In a world challenged by global events, this year, Glastonbury Festival will open with a guided Peace Meditation – a moment of reflection and celebration of peace,  hope and unity in the Green Fields’ Peace Garden, on Thursday June 27 at 11am.

This Festival-opening moment of reflection will be led by renowned buddhist priest and founder of the Flame of Hope, Ryokyu Endo, accompanied by Japanese ceremonial band, Aminadabu. Centred around the Peace Garden, in the heart of the Green Fields, the ceremony will feature the lighting of the Flame of Hope (a unification of 15 sacred flames from across the world), the Mexican Spiritual Abuelos and a peace delegation, and will culminate in an evocative moment of silence for peace, unity and reflection.

Glastonbury was started as a place for people to come together and rejoice in music, the arts and the best of human endeavour. This guiding principle still holds true 54 years later and the Festival remains a place of welcome and inspiration for all to enjoy.

Here are a few other ways you can celebrate solidarity at Glastonbury this year, and restore your faith in a peaceful tomorrow.

Chief Raoni Metuktire opens Other Stage

Internationally renowned environmentalist and indigenous Brazilian leader, Chief Raoni Metuktire, will be opening the Other Stage with a message of peace and hope for the future of the planet. Hear from the 92 year-old fervent campaigner – one of the world’s greatest living symbols of environmentalism – on his final visit to Europe.
— Friday 11.20am; Other Stage.

Dr Jane Goodall graces Greenpeace
Iconic primatologist, anthropologist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, shares the wisdom that has made her UN Messenger of Peace in an inspiring call-to-action speech.
— Friday 12.10pm; Greenpeace Stage.

Weave messages for peace, love and solidarity
Take a moment of reflection and weave your message of peace and positivity into Oxfam’s giant 4.5m weaving loom.
— Woodsies; Thursday – Sunday.

The Windrush Library, St Paul’s Carnival
Inspired by the Human Libraries initiative, which aims to break down prejudice by the sharing of personal stories, St Pauls Carnival presents the Windrush Library. Speakers will draw on their life-experiences to illustrate how the Windrush generation has shaped the UK’s cultural fabric, especially in music.
— Terminal 1, Carhenge; Wednesday – Sunday.

Find your hope at Optimism is a Political Act
This open discussion with Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Zack Polanski, and Silver Hayes’ organisers, Team Love, will inspire you into taking positive action.
— The Information, Silver Hayes; Thursday 2.30pm.

Hear peace delegates tell their stories
Visit the Astrolabe in Theatre and Circus to hear guests from the Green Fields peace delegation speak about their vision and values of peace and unity and how we might come together to create hope for the future.
— The Astrolabe, Theatre & Circus; Thursday 8.20pm.

Find hope in Love Watts’ inspirational artwork
In support of Idris Elba’s Don’t Stop Your Future, anti knife-crime campaign, artist and curator Love Watts, has created specially designed art work promoting peace and an end to youth violence in Carhenge’s new space, Terminal 1. Elba will also be appearing on the West Holts Stage at 8pm Sunday with a spoken word message of peace and togetherness.
— Terminal 1, Carhenge. Wednesday – Sunday.

Warm your heart round the Tolpuddle
Make a new friend and strengthen your faith in humanity as you share Glastonbury moments around the Tolpuddle Fire. Based in the enchanting Wood, the fire commemorates a small group of agricultural labourers from Dorset, who’s conviction, deportation to Australia and subsequent pardoning in the early 19th century became the first semblance of the trade union movement in the UK.
— The Woods, Woodsies; Wednesday – Sunday.


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