Tips for drivers leaving the site to head home

June 25, 2023

– PLEASE take all your belongings home with you.

– To avoid queues, the best time to leave is between 10pm this evening and 7am on Monday morning.

– Have food, drink and supplies for your journey (there will be traders open tomorrow morning).

– Do NOT drive under the influence.

– From 8am until 5pm on Monday there are likely to be queues as our stewards work hard to help all the cars which arrived over three days to leave in one day.

– None of the staff can go home until you have so please be calm, respectful and understanding.

– Get Travel Updates from Worthy FM on the app, 87.7FM and from @TravelSomerset on Twitter.

– Travel safely. If you’re tired on your journey home, stop and take a break.

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