Worthy fm seeks crew volunteers for 2015 Festival

February 16, 2015


UPDATE: APPLICATIONS FOR VOLUNTEERS HAVE NOW CLOSED. Please note that due to the amount of applications received you will only hear if you have been successful.  You will be contacted by email by Friday 27th February 2015.


Worthy fm is Glastonbury Festival’s very own volunteer, on-site radio station. The station will be broadcasting live 24 hours a day from Monday 22nd June to midnight on Monday 29th June. They are looking for volunteers to join their 2015 crew in the following areas:

Feature makers
You should have a keen interest in the ethos of the Festival and the charities it supports. Worthy fm is looking for volunteers who are willing to collect audio and make features now ready for the broadcast.   You will need your own audio recorder and be able to edit using Adobe Audition (or bring your own editing equipment). Audio will be played out in mp3 format. You will also need to be confident (or willing to learn) to go out into the crowd during the Festival and gather audio to make features. Creativity and originality is welcomed.

Night shift presenters between 03:00 – 07:00
These shows should reflect the Festival that never sleeps during these hours. You should ideally have experience of the Festival to understand what is going on.  During the first days of broadcast before the Festival is open to the public you should have already gathered audio from the different areas to promote what will be going on. You will need to be able to collect audio and edit your material to play out in mp3 format.

What you need to agree before you apply:

  • You will need to arrive on site on Sunday 21st June and stay until the broadcast ends or your last show.  You need to make your own way to site (or mini bus from Bristol). Staff parking is available.
  • Audio you produce for Worthy fm before and during the Festival will be the property of Worthy fm and will not be used for any broadcast or any other purpose before or during the Festival.
  • To understand and abide by the Ofcom broadcasting code (2013)

Feature maker
Brief outline of your experience and ideas (you do not need to be experienced but you must be willing to learn and be creative):
Your email address:
Your contact number:

Night time presenters:
Brief outline of your experience and experience of the festival and ideas:
Your email address:
Your contact number:

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