Getting to & from Glastonbury

The cleanest ways to travel to Glastonbury Festival is by bike and public transport, and over a third of ticket-holders travel to the Festival on coaches, trains or other forms of public transport. We’d encourage you to join them, and reduce your carbon footprint. Please use our carbon calculator tool below to help show the difference in carbon emissions between modes of transport.

We prioritise the sale of our coach + Festival ticket packages and our coach partner, National Express, is running services to the Festival from 109 locations. There are also a number of local buses running services to our Festival site bus station. Click here to find out more about traveling to Glastonbury by coach.

For those cycling to the Festival, Bike To Glasto provide free, secure bike lock-ups, as well as a designated cyclists-only campsite which include showers. For more information about cycling to Glastonbury Festival, click here.

For those arriving by train, we provide a free shuttle-bus service between the Festival site and our nearest train station at Castle Cary, that runs throughout the duration of the Festival.

If arriving by public transport is not an option, please do what you can to fill all the seats in your car and make the most of your mileage. This will go a long way to help look after our environment, reduce carbon emissions and lessen the cost of travel.

Glastonbury Festival does not endorse or facilitate travel by helicopter, except for operational purposes.

For full info of how to get to and from the Festival by your chosen mode of transport, click the options.

For SATNAV postcodes and info on buying car park tickets please see the By Car section

If you are driving to the Festival, you’ll need a car parking pass. If you have a pass, put the sticker on the windscreen well before you reach the Festival site.

If you’re planning on travelling to the Festival in an electric vehicle, make sure you have sufficient charge for your return trip. As a rule of thumb, if you have less than 50 miles of charge on approach to the site, you’ll need to juice up

An electric charging app like the Octopus Electroverse map and app from Octopus – who are once again partnering with the Festival and providing a wind turbine on site – can help plot your journey to the Festival and ensure you arrive with an adequately charged vehicle. The app’s route planner will plot a journey with dedicated charging stops, and you can use the Electroverse app or Electrocard (RFID) to access any of the charge points on the network. Click here to see a map of charge points.

For the latest travel information, check out the Festival website. Once within range (about 25 miles) tune into Worthy FM on 87.7 FM – it’s good for traffic news both when you arrive and when you leave (and listen in to the morning show each day to find out what is happening on site).

Travel Calculator

Please use our travel calculator, compiled by sustainable travel experts Ecolibrium, to see the impact different modes of transport – and occupancy – have on carbon emissions. These calculations are estimates designed for purely illustrative purposes to show average carbon emissions per passenger across an array of transport options. Hopefully it will help highlight the impact we can all make to our environment.


Charge Points

Learn more about Octopus Electroverse here.


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