Please don't pee on the land

Peeing on the ground causes toxic pollution of the water table. The ground water runs into the central Whitelake River and down the valley for miles around. Wildlife and fish are affected if 200,000 people pee everywhere.

The Environment Agency tests the water regularly, and has the power to close down the site if too many people have urinated and polluted the site. It really could be the end of Glastonbury if you pee where you shouldn’t. Please only pee in our thousands of toilets and urinals.

Compost Loos

We have over 1,200 compost toilets across the site, which after a year turns into wonderful compost which is brought back onto the farm and used in the Permaculture area and Peace garden. A compost toilet is a water free system that is best for the environment.

There are thousands of toilets on site, and we urge you to use them. Environmental health students check the toilets twice a day and cleaners and other staff are on hand, 24/7, to help keep them functional.

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