From left to right – Cat Gummerson, Rachel Smith, Tom Bramley and Nick Gummerson. WaterAid’s ‘Loo Crew’ volunteers keep the toilets and sinks clean and hygienic for Festival-goers.

Everyone needs clean water and decent toilets. To live. To make the most of life. It’s a basic right.

So you can make the most of everything the Festival has to offer, our team of volunteers will keep you hydrated with clean water to drink and decent toilets to use. We also have four new period proud women’s urinals this year – private spaces with sinks, warm water and soap to hygienically clean reusable products, help you manage your period with dignity and get back to having a bloody good time.

But this is just one week in one place. And our work doesn’t stop here.

Across the world 1 in 10 people don’t have clean water close to home. A staggering 1.5 billion don’t have a decent toilet of their own, and 1 in 4 people who menstruate don’t have the facilities they need to manage it with dignity.

So, we’re making lasting change happen on a huge scale through policy, laws and much more.

We’re installing taps, toilets, boreholes and wells.

We campaign. We advocate. We speak out. We build.

So that everyone everywhere can make the most of what life has to offer. Babies have a chance to survive. Children are healthy and can go to school. Adults can earn a living. Communities will thrive.

But we do not do this alone. Our work with partners – including 30 incredible years with Glastonbury Festival – communities and supporters like you, has meant tens of millions of people have already built better futures, and over the next decade we will reach hundreds of millions more.

Together we are unstoppable.

Join us in telling the UK Government to prioritise clean water for all. Vote Water at wateraid.org/uk/vote-water

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