Temple Uprising

The Common Daytime Program Presents:

Welcome to Temple Uprising, the Common’s daytime program. A place in between the deep jungle beats, techno and dubstep where we explore the undeniable power of music to illuminate the path towards personal and collective liberation.

Temple Uprising serves as a beacon, a vibration connecting the light and the dark, the invisible with the visible, the violent and the peaceful, the wounds and wisdoms, the ancient and the future. Hosted in The Common, we get to experience how music transcends entertainment, becoming a catalyst for revolution and liberation.

The Common has always tended to the trespassers.

Sound itself is a trespasser. It does not care for boundaries, bodies, or borders. It defies the logic of othering that would isolate people. Sound arcs over palace walls and seeps under cell doors.

The Common Opening Ceremony on Wednesday at 19.30
Liberation Procession on Thursday at 11.00
With Temple Uprising programming on Thursday and Friday from 12.30 to 17.30

Common Uprising – The Procession. Join the Liberation Revolution!

We march in the spirit of empowerment, activation, celebration and hope.
A march for joyful disruptors, challengers of social norms and conscious activists.
A procession to represent all the Common revolutionaries!

Going through the Stone Circle, the Green Fields, the Kings Meadow and Tee Pee field.

We meet at The Common at 11:00 am Thursday 27th June

Bring your banners, bring your drums and instruments and be ready for a Common explosion of love and togetherness. Represent your liberation!

Ending at The Common at 12:.45pm where our banners will create an altar to Common Revolutionaries everywhere.

Followed by The Temple Uprising – talks and performances on the power of sound and its abilities to shape our world towards collective empowerment and social transformation.

Are you a conscious revolutionary?
Express your rebel spirit. Bring your banners. Join Us.

Temple Uprising isn’t just a stage, it’s a movement. We’re diving deep into how music, sound and voices can shape the world. The speakers will be a combination of artists in conversation with elders and wisdom keepers of the land of UK Isles, musical presentations, storytelling, discussions and collaborations. It will be a stage that welcomes joyful disruptors, challengers of social norms, activists against capitalism and colonialism, writers, artists and poets of sound.


What’s unique this year?

This year celebrates 10 years of daytime programming in the Temple. And to celebrate, we are very excited to welcome back Graham Hancock. Graham was one of the first speakers to contribute to The Common’s speakers programme in 2014. Come and hear his talk on Sunday at 17.00 on Shamanism and Civilisation.

Other things to look forward to:
Palestine Action, Graham Hancock, Clemmie James and Neil Woods, Sacred Earth Activism, Queer House Party, MC Inja, Convergencia Ancestral and many more.

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