The Common

The Common has always tended to the trespassers.

Sound itself is a trespasser. It does not care for boundaries, bodies, or borders. It defies the logic of othering that would isolate people. Sound arcs over palace walls and seeps under cell doors.

The Common is a space born from our collective imagination, our dreaming and building, of which we are all a part. It comes from a history of reclaiming space in our worlds, on the lands and in our hearts, to be who we are and not what we were told to be, to dance to our own rhythms. It came from a collective and conscious choice of celebration over oppression, connection over separation, natural flow over imposed systems, self-empowerment over control, faith over fear, movement over stuckness, noise over being silenced!

The idea was to include everyone, as the parties were free! As the years go by, the oppression, the separation, the laws against seem to grow stronger. Yet, as time unfolds, we can notice that we are discovering more and more how dreams and intentions of long ago are manifesting, how we are finding what we were seeking and what we have lost………

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