There’s no shortage of things to do for children at Glastonbury. The Kidzfield and Green Kids areas are children’s festivals within the Festival, featuring loads of activities and top names from the world of children’s entertainment. While in the Theatre & Circus fields, quirky walkabouts and thrilling shows throughout the day will inspire and enthral all ages.

Getting into the Festival with kids

Children aged 12 and under, and child ticket holders, must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder. If you are bringing a child aged 12 or under with you who looks older than 12 you MUST bring ID to verify their age.

Everyone aged 13 or over on Wednesday 26th June 2024 (when the Festival starts) planning to come to the Festival, must have registered and bought a full ticket. Children aged 12 and under do not require tickets and do not need to register.

Anyone under the age of 16 wishing to attend the Festival MUST be accompanied by someone over the age of 18. Those who are ages 16 or 17 are allowed to attend the Festival unaccompanied, but we would strongly advise that this decision is made with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Anyone attending the Festival on an adult ticket, who appears to be under 16 years of age, is advised to bring ID to verify their age.

Important advice when bringing children to Glastonbury

  • The same notions of responsible childcare reign here as they would in any city centre. Please do lot leave your children unattended at any time and always remain sober and clear-headed when responsible for children.
  • There are no creche facilities at Glastonbury Festival. Please make arrangements within your group of friends for someone to be supervising your children at all times, even in the Kidzfield.
  • Please be aware that buggies and kinder wagons are difficult to see and awkward to manoeuvre in busy areas. Please allow crowds to disperse before attempting to move your children and do not take young children into densely crowded areas.
  • Some busy adult-orientated late-night areas, particularly our venues in the South East Corner, are simply not appropriate for younger audiences at certain times. We strongly advise families with younger children under the age of 13 to leave these areas before 10pm. And even for teenagers under the age of 18, these are areas which may not be suitable late at night.

Family camping

There are two Family Camping Fields: the Cockmill Meadow near the Kidzfield and one on the north-west of the site at Wicket Ground. Families do not need a special ticket to camp in the Family fields, but it is not possible to reserve space in advance (and they can fill up quickly). Click here for more information on camping at Glastonbury.

Anyone heading for the family campsite by the Acoustic field should take the Purple Route into the Festival.

Lost children

Big crowds can be daunting for children. To avoid separating from them, give your kids the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don’t go off without telling you first. The Festival is generally a very safe and friendly environment, but if your child happens to get lost, please contact a steward, any Information point or Festival official so that we can help reunite you with your wandering offspring. Found kids are looked after at the Kidzfield until 7pm. They are then taken to Worthy Welfare.

It’s really helpful if children have their parent’s mobile number on them – the Kidzfield, Green Kids or Info Points provide markable children’s wristbands for you to write your contact number on, or simply write it on your child’s clothing or arm – so that when your wandering child is found we can contact you. From a practical perspective, it can help to dress your children in bright colours or even a child’s hi-vis vest, as it will help them stand out in busy areas.

Click here for more tips on bringing children to Glastonbury Festival.

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