Green Kids Area


GREEN KIDS AREA – Where kids just want to have fun

The Green Kids Area is situated at the back half of the Greenpeace Field and is open from 8am till 9pm each day.  It is an independent area, run directly by the Green Fields.

All activities in the Green Kids Field are free of charge.

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The New Ark – Cadmus

We have a ship in the Green Kids Area  – the Cadmus, based on the design for an ancient Ark.   It is “crewed” from 8am to 9pm each day, and can only be used during these times.  The rules of the Ark are as follows: no children under the age of five; no climbing on the outside of the frame; no jumping off it; no smoking, drinking or glass bottles to be brought onto it;  and no interfering with the play of other children.  Between 8am and 7pm each day the Cadmus is for the use of five to 14 year olds only, from 7pm to 9pm it’s for 14 to 17 year olds and adults.  The views around the site you get from the top deck are worth the climb.  UNDER FIVE’S ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON ANY PART OF THE SHIP, ONLY IN THE SANDY AREA UNDERNEATH. Glastonbury 2015 001

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