The festival wants to be a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy. However, the size of the site and the large crowds mixed in with all the different sounds, lights, smells and experiences can be overwhelming especially for customers with mental health, emotional and sensory issues.

There will be Sensory Calm Tents located in different locations within the festival. The aim of these spaces will be to provide a safe, low-level stimulation and recalibration zone for our neurodivergent festival goers. This will be created by using adjustable lighting, textures, and sounds. There will also be weighted blankets and ear defenders that people can use whilst in the spaces.

The spaces will be managed by a mixture of Autism specialists and neurodiverse volunteers who are passionate about the importance of calm spaces in busy, vibrant, and loud festival environments.

There will also be Welfare Centres providing experienced, caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems. The Festival Branch of Samaritans are also onsite offering 24- hour emotional support from the Green Fields.

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