Babylon Uprising

Back once again it’s the renegade masters!

That now unmistakable beat, right from the core of the Festival. It’s an uprising, in the heart of ‘Babylon’.

From a post apocalyptic landscape that in 2024 is all too prophetic, the notorious Babylon Uprising emerges. A staunchly DIY collective of ravers in their heavily fortified stronghold, have again seized control of the airwaves and, now in their 13th year, present their most electric line-up to date. Celebrating a dynamic cross-section of the most exciting sounds from UK and international underground dance music are an army of the finest DJs, producers and selectas, plus showcases and takeovers from crews and events such as Village Cuts, Introspect, We Are Friends, and Ella Knights House Party. All culminating in the now legendary “Gridlock in Parliament” on Sunday night – An epic 10 hour 20 DJ B2B that has to be witnessed to be believed. The Babylon Uprising call to arms will rally daily from midday to 3am, Thursday to Sunday, all thundering through the crystal clear hand-built Babylon Uprising Soundsystem. Ravers unite in the struggle. Join the Uprising.


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