The Healing Field

The Healing Field is the festival’s chill-out field, open and fully active from Wednesday at mid-day. We invite you to come and relax in one of our mystical and creative gardens, or participate in ceremonies that celebrate healing and connection. A variety of workshops such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Singing, Meditation,and Massage are free for you to join and enjoy. Meet an exciting blend of people from many different spiritual paths. Treat yourself to a session with one of many skilled therapists, who are working for donations, or simply enjoy the serenity of being in a healing atmosphere.

Healers Offering Individual Treatments
With so many highly skilled Healers within easy reach, the Healing Field represents an amazing opportunity to explore and learn about the world of healing arts. All therapists work for negotiated donations. Unsure about which treatment to try? Ask the folks at Healers Information or the Healing Field Reception for guidance.

Opening Ceremony ~ Wednesday around 4pm
Be a part of creating the beauty and the magic of the Healing Field. Our Opening Ceremony celebrates the essence of each of the Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air; initiating our transformation of the self and of the community. Come and awaken the Elements with us, setting your intentions for the days ahead.

The Healing Field as an Elemental Mandala
Evoking an alchemy of well-being, the Healing Field embodies an Elemental Mandala as the four circles extend from the centre of the field. Each circle celebrates its own distinct quality of healing in the elemental dance of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. As we strive to enhance and balance the higher qualities of each element in our life, on both personal and societal levels, we also aim to create a harmony between the elements themselves. You are welcome to come here to explore, receive, and share healing energy. Join us in creating the beauty and magic of the Healing Field.

The Element of Air
In the Air Circle, you can enlighten your spirit through a variety of ancient Mind-Body practices. Throughout the day enjoy Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Soft Style Martial Arts, and Yoga. You can also find opportunities for quiet contemplation through personal practice and led-meditation workshops. Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal bowls and gentle gongs. And if you want to find out about your karma, or lack of it, you can get a Tarot, Astrology, Angel, Rune, or Palm reading in the Soothsayers’ Avenue.

The Element of Earth
Here in the Earth Circle, you can find the Healing Field’s own creative, unplugged, and nurturing Music Space. This space is the home of heartfelt performances from a multitude of genres. To perform, talk to the Music Space team at their venue. Enjoy scrumptious chai and cakes while relaxing in the Earth Garden as you listen. Near the entrance to the Earth Circle you can also check out the Healing Field Reception, the Holistic Midwives, Medical Herbalists and the Homœopathy Centre, all teamed with skilled people available for advice, chats and care. -bunch of healing practitioners And, of course, you can find more healers offering a variety of treatments.

The Element of Water
If you are searching for an individual healing session, the Water Circle is the place to go. You’ll find practitioners offering a wide range of Healing Arts, including Massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Shiatsu,Sacral Cranial, Spiritual Healing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Counselling, and more. You can find sessions available in one of our many Communal Healing Marquees, or from therapists working out of their own individual tents. All healers offer treatments in exchange for negotiated donations. In the Hands-on-Healing Workshops, many of our therapists share their knowledge to give you a taste of the world of healing, so that you may learn how to both give and receive various forms of massage. Finally, while you’re here, embrace the element of water as you delight and relax in the mystical Water Garden at the heart of this circle.

The Element of Fire
The Fire Circle is the circle of inspiration and vision. This is the place to be involved in Singing and Chanting,Dance Workshops, Divine Music, and Celebration. Enjoy the heartfelt warmth of a communal fire with music and songs. Feel free to join in or introduce your favourite song. Laugh your heart away with Laughter Yoga.Enjoy eco-friendly and nourishing refreshments at the Chai Wizard Cafe. And as always, you’ll find opportunities to meet practitioners from a variety of spiritual groups, connect with your inner self through cacao ceremonies, go on a shamanic journey, or submerge yourself in the frequencies of healing gongs.

Healing Within and Together
The vibration that permeates the Healing Field combines a deep, relaxed inner-happiness with an expansion of our inner-being to the greater world. From this balance we can better support ourselves and our society to create a more compassionate and sustainable planet.

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