The Green Fields

The sunset makes its way through the Healing Field on mid-summer eve. Family and friends gather, and a quiet, collective breath is drawn as the sun disappears behind the Tor. There is a stillness, a moment of contemplation before the people continue on to the stone circle, the sacred space. There they will spend the night around the fire, lulled in and out of sleep by soft drumming and gentle voices as they wait for the Solstice Sunrise. When it comes, they greet it with shouts, cheers and applause, moved to tears and celebration. A simple human offering in response to immense beauty and spiritual significance. 

After a while they gently make their way down through the Green Fields gathering strength for the weekend ahead. Instinctively they know these fields are where they want to be. They are surrounded by love, innovation, protest and defiance. They listen to voices that teach a way of life that is in harmony with, not at war with, Earth.  

The party starts here, a connection with and a winding up of the senses bringing the core principles of sharing our planet safely and generously to the forefront of their minds as they let go of the daily grind. 

As day becomes evening again a Dragon weaves its way through a huge congregation, drawing more energy and people with every step. The lantern bearers follow it to the top of the hill where they become a choir of dancers and spinning fire breathers. The show builds to a crescendo of fireworks as a huge wooden bird falls back into the flames of a fire that marks the opening of the greatest festival in the world.


The following day is met by the sound of children playing on Cadmus, a ship that is anchored in the Green Kids field. They set sail on a journey of enlightenment. They are the future and take with them their message to the world. As night falls, they pull up to the sandy shore of the playground where parents greet them with hugs and smiles, wheeling them back to bed through the blossoming night life. 

Stages and venues appear in hedgerows and underground, on the bandstand and Toad Hall.  All powered by the energy that has been collected that afternoon. The area is vital with piano, fiddle and song. 

The blast of the dance stages blow people to the sanctuary of the peace garden. From there the sound of the music is muffled as though a blanket has been thrown across the rest of the site. Their senses rest and intuition takes over, they send a call to one another that runs around the hilltop like a wave.  Even though they can’t see each other they feel the connection. 

On Sunday morning the quiver of a gong sounds through camp as someone is healed. The sun is high and there is an explosion of joy from the laughter workshop and a giant yoga gathering.   

Under the ancient oak people rest. A group hold hands, looking up through the leaves to the sky as ribbons of remembrance ripple in the breeze. Someone is making necklaces from coloured beads in ancient crafts, someone drums, others rest and rejuvenate in the wood powered sauna. Relaxed and inspired there is a gathering of strength for the last night of revelry then Sunday softly becomes Monday. 

Holding on to the last dance we step back into the world with newly found freedom, knowledge and power. We pass on the message we have learned. It is not too late for change. 

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