The Green Fields

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Green Fields and we want to say a special thank you to Liz Eliot and the fantastic Green Fields team who have kept, and continue to keep, the heart of the festival beating. These fields have provided solace and inspiration to so many across the years and the dedication, heart and soul that our team put into each of their areas is what makes the Green Fields such an enduringly beautiful place to be.

There are many exceptional things to see, hear and take part in throughout the Green Fields, and all weekend we’ll be sending out a message of peace and unity to the festival and the world. There will be peace parades, mass meditations and rituals alongside our hugely talented performers, artists, crafts people and speakers. There will be a minute’s silence for peace and powerful speeches given by peace delegates from Israel and Palestine. You can listen to the Flame of Hope’s ceremonial band Aminadabu and celebrate life through a mass drumming session with the Mexican Abuelos.

At the top of the Green Fields is The Kings Meadow, the dedicated sacred space of the Festival. At its heart is the Swan Stone Circle, created in 1992 and aligned to the Cygnus star system. It’s a wonderful place to celebrate the midsummer sunrise and sunset, or to take a breath and tune in to the special energies of this magical place. The central fire is lit by the Brigid or Bride Flame – St Bride being the Celtic Saint of poetry and music – and is overseen by a team of volunteers throughout the festival.  Nearby is the ancient King or Druid Oak, which provides welcome shade from the summer sun and a rich natural habitat for wildlife.

In the lower corner of the Kings Meadow the Peace Dome is home to the Hiroshima Peace Flame which has burnt brightly here since 2004. It was originally lit from the atomic fires of Hiroshima and has been kept burning ever since. It symbolises remembrance, forgiveness, transformation and collective intent. The Peace Dome is open as a sanctuary 24 hours a day throughout the festival and holds a mandala lighting ceremony each evening at dusk. All are welcome to join us in lighting a flame for peace.

Also in the Kings Meadow, you will find the Peace Garden. A chance to sit quietly with nature and listen to the bird song or watch the bats feed if you’re lucky. Here you’ll find the big seat of contemplation and the throne, with chamomile planted arms, giving you a view over the Peace Heart to the stone circle. Flowers and shrubs are planted to bloom in June. Sunflowers and dahlias adorn the pergola which was built to host his holiness the Dalai Lama in 2015, when he gave his message of peace to an audience in the Peace garden which was broadcast across the world. There is a shaded path at the end of which you will discover a beautiful angel and an exciting new work of art.

As well as our 40th year 2024 is the year of the Dragon, symbolising transformation, growth and balance. In honour of this special year, we’re holding a Dragon Hunt! We’re already home to a beautiful water Dragon but you will also find a new Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon and Air Dragons welcoming you to the sacred space. There are so many more dragons, in so many different forms, throughout the Green Fields, take photos of as many as you can find, email them to and whoever finds the most wins an official Glastonbury poster signed by Michael and Emily Eavis.

We can’t wait to see you.

Please follow the links on this page to all the Green Fields Areas and their individual programmes and visit the Green Information tent in Green Futures over the weekend for updated details.

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