Glastonbury Festival 2014

The Park

Open air stages, late night bars and cafes, tee pee villages, art installations and an illuminated 17 metre Ribbon Tower that looks out over the entire Festival site - The Park will be back for 2014!

WHERE TO FIND IT: On the south west tip of the site, west of the tipi fields, due south of The Other Stage

Latest The Park news

2 July 2013

Trader Tales 2013

Read the experiences of Dorian, from The Italian Kitchen in The Park...

21 June 2013

The Free University of Glastonbury 2013

The Festival’s own literary institute is back in The Park with a great line-up of speakers

19 June 2013

The Stonebridge Bar returns to The Park

The Park's home for discerning night owls and daytime hedonists is back for 2013

17 June 2013

White Ribbon Alliance return to Glastonbury

The Safe Motherhood charity is back in The Park

23 September 2011

Park items added to Shop sale

More items now available in our 1/3 off sale


30 June 2011

Thousands get Heart Mum tattoos

White Ribbon Alliance's Tattoo Parlour in The Park is a big hit

19 June 2011

In A Field Of Their Own: The Rabbit Hole

We catch up with Hamish Guerrini, the mad hatter from The Park's most wonderfully odd venue

10 June 2011

In A Field Of Their Own: The Park

Emily Eavis and Nick Dewey tell us about their area of the Festival


8 June 2011

Rabbit Hole line-up revealed

All kinds of wonderfully odd goings on in The Park's best-kept secret

2 June 2011

The Free University of Glastonbury returns

Terrific selection of talks in The Park's literary tent